Pedro goes to Coolum, 22May12

TR by Pedro pedro

Wind: SSE 12knots dropping out to 5knots
Swell: 1-2 feet
Launch Point: Coolum Beach, near the surf club

I tried launching opposite one of two connected inshore holes and had a hell of a time controlling the yak against the shore dump, as the waves were coming from all directions. The result -- totally rolled, losing my head torch and with the reels taking a dunking in the sandy water.

After getting things in order, I launched between the holes and once past the shore dump veered left and out one of the holes. This was the first time for me in this area, so I headed to a mark on Coolum reef according to the GPS co-ordinates which I scored online. They indicated 1.7k to destination.

On the way, I marked the first bit of reef that showed on the sounder and continued to mark interesting areas till reaching my final destination.

With no surface activity seen, I set up for drift fishing using the spaniard special as a trailing rig and prawns for casting. I like the SS for this, as when it's time to move, the trailing line stays in the water to be towed to the new location and dropping to the bottom on arrival. I drop the SS all the way to the bottom and then wind up a few turns. I also keep an eye on the sounder for changes in depth while drifting.

The first area had a depth around 23m and was fishing slow, so I moved west into shallower water 10m to 15m with more structure. I managed to mark the spot where I was dealing with a double hookup of the two bigger Grassies as pictured below. This area produced another three. The nearest reef is only 1.3k from launch point and when conditions are good I will go again as it has potential.

If you include Arkright shoal, and where I saw other boats to the east, it is similar in size to SR. Landing was uneventful. Following the track on the GPS helped find the landing point. 

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 Cheers Pedro

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