Beejay solo at JS, 11May12

TR by beejay


EXIT AND ENTRY from MG: Very easy getting through small beach break at 6am, similar to Kev's photo from yesterday. Also easy to get back through at around 10.15am.

LIGHT OFFSHORE BREEZE: Made a very easy and direct sail with PA sail to JS - no trimming of sail required and no paddling. Sailing speed between 4-7 kph. Once at JS I had a nice NW drift.

COMPANY: Despite being solo today, I had a few dolphin for company while rigging up and a turtle that paid a brief visit while at JS.

FISH ACTIVITY: Twice I saw a tuna break the surface on the way out. At JS I saw a brief bust up close by that gave my soft plastic a touch. Couldn't get another bite despite fishing with both bait and soft plastics. Monitoring Noosa Coast Guard (Ch22) let me know that at least 11 boats went out through the bar between 6 and 10am. Two of the charters indicated they were doing OK with Spaniards, schoolies and reef fish - obviously not at JS!

SEABREEZE: At this stage conditions for tomorrow are looking good and I will be definitely a starter. Unsure of launch venue - will await reports from others before I confirm launch point.

Beejay (BJ)

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