Summary July 2016

Facebook provides an excellent and simple facility for conducting group discussions in text form, including support for still pictures and movies. As a result, with our Facebook Group page we have better media-rich communication within Noosa Yakkers than ever before, with lots of info and useful material appearing on our Group page because it's so easy to post. Not on Facebook? Don't despair. We have no intention of dropping our tried and true Google Group email or our indispensable blog of Trip Reports and general useful yak fishing info. I'd just encourage you to dip your paddle in the Facebook sea and give it a try. If the oldest members of Noosa Yakkers can do it probably you can.

We're concerned that Trip Report info which is appearing on our Facebook page but not on our Trip Report blog is not getting out to the non-FB element of our community, especially prospective new members. To try to bridge that gap here's one approach: a monthly summary, published on the blog. Any constructive ideas to improve this summary and/or volunteered editorial skills are welcomed.

Summary July 2016

This post on our Trip Reports blog is a monthly brief summary of fishing trip information which has been posted on our Facebook Group page or elsewhere. We must point out that there's much more information and banter appearing on our Facebook Group page than we can possibly summarise here. Noosa Yakkers Facebook Group

Overview, weather and species

Noosa sea temperature 01Jul16: 21.7°C, and at 01Aug16 21.7°C.

Fish species included in Noosa Yakkers' reports this month in Noosa area: Spanish mackerel (2), snapper, grass sweetlip, mackerel tuna, flathead

# 01Jul16


and embedded movie

# 03Jul16


# 05Jul16

Bluedog, tickey, jimbo:

# 08Jul16


plus embedded movie

# 11Jul16



plus embedded movie

# 19Jul16


# 20Jul16


# 21Jul16

weeksie and tunny:

# 22Jul16

the hoff:

# 26Jul16


# 29Jul16

sunshiner and tunny

aussie stu:

# 30Jul16

Microbe got monstered at Jew Shoal:
Microbe's video on youtube

# 31Jul16


plus embedded video


scatter (pic of redwood):


Here's hoping that August will be better!l

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