Big Snapper at Little Halls: 9 August 2016

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 9 August 2016
Participants: Diesel; Airwolf; Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind from the south, 5-10 knots, low tide 6.20 am
Keen Angler Program: Nothing donated

Diesel, Airwolf and I headed out from MG just after 5.30 am, across the river mouth and north just behind the backline. I was trolling a weighted pilchard (see photo of my rig) hoping to pick up some Tailor as there have been reports of these fish being caught by beach fishermen over the last few days along the North Shore. There was bait breaking the surface and some terns working, but no signs of any Tailor.
Sunrise over Little Halls
We then headed for Little Halls where we found several patches of bait. I trolled over a nice bait ball that was sitting at a depth of about 10 metres (4 metres off the bottom). My weighted pilchard had a 1/2 oz chin weight so was probably sitting a bit high in the water column.

Weighted pilchard rig
I did a second run over the bait ball, this time slowing down once I was past it so that the pilchard would drift into the bait ball. As I did this the bait got taken and after a short fight I had a 75 cm snapper in the hatch. Nothing else was caught by the time Diesel and I headed back to MG, but Airworlf was still out at Halls so hopefully he had some luck.

75 cm Snapper, a PB for me off a kayak in Australia

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