Summary, March 2016

March 2016 Summary

This TR is a monthly brief summary of fishing trip information which has been posted on our Facebook Group page or elsewhere and not posted on this blog. Noosa Yakkers Facebook Group

Water temp at end of month: 27.2°C
Weather conditions: Very windy from early in the month until 19Mar, when we got a break, then ideal conditions from 23Mar onward.

19Mar16 (first calm day in about five weeks)
gemini, stormin, tunny hit the bay.

stormin bagged two nice grassies, 42 and 48cm

redgreg went out from Doggie Beach and busted the Spaniard record
See TR on this blog.

Email from pedro received 23Mar16:

For those going tomorrow:
I took a mate out to JS today for his first trip, we ended up with three snapper 50 to 55 cm, one spangled emperor, one spotty, one cobia 80cm.
Good Luck

See TR on this blog

diesel, stormin, redwood and jonny launched at Middle Groyne

Stormin bagged the first longtail of the season


Gemini, holidaying at Rainbow Beach, took a bath

A crowd launched from Middle Groyne
scottyB, redwood, tunny, jaro, Mentos Man (visitor), beejay, stormin, imax, thorny, noel, Matt Baker, sunshiner

One of two small keeper snapper landed using SPs by sunshiner

jimbo and son Simon, microbe, the hoff, and weeksie hit the bay and nearby

The hoff nailed a grassy

stormin, irish luck and thorny headed out

irish luck and thorny each nailed his first longtail

diesel, jaro, tunny, bluedog, sunshiner headed out to Little Halls Reef and Halls Reef

jaro and diesel got a longtail each, while bluedog got his first Spaniard

wet but happy bluedog

Participants: Pedro, crofty + 1, diesel, jimbo, jaro, redwood, tunny, sunshiner, and, a late mention, scottyD, who bravely launched from Doggie Beach.

A big paddle for those (all but two) who went to Little Halls Reef and Halls Reef. My trip was 19km for zilch but lots of great scenery and some exciting close encounters (see vid below). Longtails and other pelagics busting out. Several fish hooked at Halls Reef but nothing of consequence brought home, although we haven't yet heard from pedro (last seen heading for Sunshine Reef). ScottyD bagged a Spaniard and a big spotty mac.

Two minute vid (a big screen will let you see the jumping fish better):

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