Doctor Dogs Double Island Adventure March 25 & 26 2016

Trip Report Friday 25 Saturday 26 March 2016
TR by doctordog
Solo trip report from Paradise Beach north side Double Island Point for 25 th & 26 th March .
Wind: SE 5-15 knots ( stronger on 25 th than 26th)
Swell: 1.5 m Easterly
Current: variable light northerly
Launch point: Paradise Beach , Double Island Point
Participants: DoctorDog

Staying at Huxley cottage at Double Island Point Lighthouse gave me the opportunity to trial a north side launch to access the bommies for snapper around the headland and the open water for the pelagics known to haunt these waters.
With the cottages being some 75 m above sea level it is an easy trundle to get the yak down the 500 m sandy track to the beach on the sheltered northside. The swell wraps around the headland making for an interesting but not dangerous launch provided the swell is not too big. Timing is everything.

Once out beyond the break I rigged up troll a Halco Laser Pro 120 HB for the easy paddle out to the line from the lighthouse to Wolf Rock. This was virgin territory for me to paddle a kayak but I had surfed and visited this area for many years prior to launching a yak based adventure. On my recce paddle the day before I tried out radio coverage , GPS and my sounder as well as testing my left shoulder damaged in the surf 3 days prior. Radio coverage is patchy but adequate - the sounder worked perfectly - but GPS marks were not finding the reef due to operator error and the damaged shoulder was complaining but largely being ignored due to the intruiging possibilities being offered.

Jane joined me on the water on day 2
Close in to the headland where the bommie lies the reflected waves make conditions somewhat uncomfortable with waves breaking across the deck at times.
The reflected chop rising at right angles to the swell lines and carrying with them a few blue bottles ready to sting the bare thighs of the underdressed paddler. On day one blue bottles were painful but by day 2 when Jane joined me for an exploratory paddle most of the blueys had gone.

On both days when I could see fish on the sounder I would get bites. A few interesting small “ooglies” including footballer cod , wire netting cod and sweep but equally frequently the distinctive hard bites and fast head shaking runs of snapper.
On both days I struggled to find where the fish where holding on the structure but once I found them the bites came thick and fast. The really craggy country was good for bites but snags were notable here ending in lost terminal tackle as well.

On Day one the average size of fish was greater with Snapper of 40 50 and 55 cm.

On day two 4 fish between 36 and 46 cm were boated. On Day 2 I left them biting after two notable incidents — one where I was “bricked” by a hard running reef dweller in the craggy country. Then my trailing SP outfit of Nuclear Chicken SP 100 mm on 20 lb braid on a Loomis rod fitted with a Calcutta 3000 went off at a great rate of knots wrapping my drogue with the line after 150 metres had been stripped in quick time. I ended up with an overrun snagging on the level wind leading to a bite off at the hook.
Time to take my injured shoulder back to the beach for a rest.
Return to the beach was uneventful but required a patient wait for the right lull and a quick sprint to the beach between the sets.
At a later date I will detail my trolley rig I have adapted to haul the kayak back up to the cottage 75 m above sea level without ruining my back and shoulders.
Clearly DIP is a challenging place to fish although under the right conditions and with a little planning patience and a touch of fortitude the results are worth the effort.
Tight lines,
PS Light house cottages are available for working holidays for members of Noosa Parks Association - all members of the public are welcome to join. An annual ballot is held for members wishing to stay for a week and willing to do the required courses and perform the 2 hrs work each day.

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