Stormin's Spaniard Limit. 15Jan16

TR by stormin; minor editing and posting by sunshiner

Loaded the kayak heading to work yesterday arvo hoping I still got some energy to go fishing after 12hrs night shift. Supposed to finish at 6am but managed to get someone to cover my shift for two hours.

So by 4am I'm on my way to Noosa, all excited and feeling lucky. Met Adam from brissy at the car park; I think it is his first trip to Noosa. He's thinking of heading to JS. I kinda talk to him to head north instead as there's been some action there lately.

On the water just after 5am with the plan to attack spotties at Halls Reef. Got this shiny micro jig that looks like a small fish but with a decent weight to cast at the bustups. Rig up my trolling outfit with weighted slimey but didn't troll till past river mouth to avoid shark hook ups.

Solid hook up after just a few minutes of trolling. But unfortunately my 44lbs wire got bitten through. Re-rig right away still feeling lucky as from where I was I could see lots of birds working between the beach and Little Halls Reef. I met Jason (paddleguy, not a Noosa Yakker) and his friend chasing bustups. Jason hooked up into something which turned out to be a tuna.

I continued paddling closer to the beach when my trolling reel started singing again and after few minutes got a nice Spanish in the hatch. Paddleguy was kind enough to take a picture while still on the water.

Paddleguy's pic

I re-rigged again with a slimey and paddled back to where I'd hooked up. Bang! Again the reel is singing! A few minutes later and I've now got two Spanish in the hatch. Can't believe my luck.

Check my on-board Noosa Yakkers limits table just to make sure that I still can have fun. Yep, three's the possession limit for Spanish.

I continued paddling back and forth between the beach and Little Halls Reef. After 7am I decided to head in. I made a radio call to paddleguy about my intention and to wish them luck.

I'd just left behind the Little Halls Reef mark about maybe 400m and suddenly… No Way! My trolling reel is singing once more. Soon afterward I'd boated my Spaniard limit fish so packed up my gear except for my radio and knife.

Nice and easy paddle back. At the beach at 8am according to my GoPro.

PS. Tried calling Adam on the radio to check how he was going but no response so not sure if he's got a radio.

PPS. I'm using same rig that was used to catch my first Spanish.

Beach pics

The biggest measured 119cm and the others both 113cm.



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  1. Stormin congratulations. I heard about your Spaniard catches while picking up some kayak gear at Minyama - your famous!!!! Cheers Beejay