Paddleparra's Spottie: 19 January 2016

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 19 January 2016
Participants: Bluedog, Paddlepara, Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind variable, mainly SW 5 knots, lumpy at 4.30 am becoming smooth later, High tide 4.10 am
Keen Angler Program: Nothing donated

We met in MG at 4 am and launched just after 4.30 am.  The shore break was tiny and the launch very easy.  Despite the terns heading towards Sunshine Beach we decided to follow in Stormin's recent successful tracks and headed for Little Halls and Halls Reefs.  I trolled a weighted pillie and Halco lure, Bluedog had a slimey out and Paddlepara trolled a Rapala X-Rap

Bluedog blocking my view of the sunrise
At Little Halls there were no signs of any birds or surface fish action so after a few circuits around the reef we headed towards Halls Reef.  As we approached Halls Reef there was plenty of bird action but the bust-ups were few and far between.  The birds were chasing very small bait fish which occasionally broke the surface.

Birds diving
I never got close enough to cast into a bust-up but Paddlepara managed to catch one just-legal spottie. By 7.30 am the birds were disappearing.  Bluedog headed in while we continued for another hour before heading back to MG.

Sea went smooth at 8 am.  Paddlepara heading back towards MG

We opted to beach the kayaks on the East side of the groyne due to the presence of children in the surf on our normal route.  Good luck to those going tomorrow!!

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