Spotties at Little Halls: 15 December 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 15 December 2015
Participants: Jaro, Pedro, Noddy, Redgreg, Owen and Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind variable S to SE less than 10 knots, Low Tide 3.50 am, High Tide 10.40 am.
Keen Angler Program: Nothing to donate

Pedro had already headed out to Jew Shoal by the time Jaro, Noddy, Redgreg and I arrived at MG. We launched at 4 am and headed off trolling lures and weighted baits.  I headed for Hells Gates where I had seen a big bait ball on the previous trip while the others headed for Jew Shoal.  Hells Gates had signs of small bait balls so I trolled that area for about half an hour then headed for A Reef.  Pedro did several circuits of Jew Shoal trolling lures without success, before heading off towards North Sunshine.  With no signs of bait on the sounder, no bust ups and no bird action I left A Reef and was almost back at Jew Shoal when Owen came on the radio to announce that he had just launched and that there was bird action and bait busting the surface near the river mouth and up North Shore.

Jaro decided to head for where the bird and bait action was and the rest of us followed soon after.  The bird action was sporadic but there was certainly more signs of bait at Little Halls than anywhere else.  At Little Halls I met new member Owen Gray who caught a 65 cm Grinner which made Jaro extremely jealous as that is his speciality !.

Owen on his Stealth Pro Fisha 525
We did a few circuits of Little Halls with Owen trolling a lure while I had a weighted pilchard.  After trolling through the small patches of bait several times my reel went off and a few minutes later I had a nice spottie in the hatch.  Owen was keen to try pillies so I gave him half of mine.  I did several more laps without success then Noddy came on the radio with the news that he too had a spottie caught on a weighted pilchard.

Jaro and Noddy headed home first and I followed at around 10 am, with Redgreg, Pedro and Owen still out there.  It was a fun day on the water, and good luck to those going tomorrow.

Noddy with his spottie
Future Noosa Yakker Beau holding my spottie
My spottie went 86 cm

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