Boxing Day Spanish. 26Dec15

TR by Aussie_stu

Participants: Stormin, Diesel, Weeksie, Aussie_Stu
Conditions: wind S approx 10 knots, Low Tide 2.00 am, High Tide 8.40 am
Keen Angler Program: 1 Spaniard frame donated

By the time Norman and I launched from MG, Diesel was well and truly on his way out to Sunshine. 'Twas an easy launch and after setting up Norman decided to head to Little Halls Reef while I headed to Jew Shoal, later followed by weeksie and later again joined by diesel after a solid effort paddling to Sunshine and back.

Was a very slow morning, trolled hard bodies out to the shoal, then swapped to a pillie and a gar on skirted rigs and continued to cut laps of Jew Shoal. Norman reported bait and birds at little halls and we had similar activity on Jew shoal, with some bust ups here and there that seemed to be small spotties or Mac tuna. After trolling for a few hours at about 7.30 my pillie was hit and the fish started to take a bit of line. I kindly let the others know I was hooked up by letting the drag sing through the VHF and as the fight rounded up Diesel rolled in to lend a hand to get the Spaniard into my rear well and take the pics.

After that it was quiet again so headed in to the beach. Cheers to weeksie for lending me the mat for the shots, and after a few gawkers on the beach and nice young lady called Casey from Darwin kindly held the fish for a shot (again by diesel), it made it into the Yeehaa zone by 2cm and is a new PB for me.


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