Rachycentron for rylin. 05Oct15

TR by sunshiner (pics by me)

Wind: 7-8knot W until about 8:30am then calm, then NE.
Swell: 1.2m E
Water temp: 23.3°C
Tides: High 01:26am (1.16m); Low 07:21am (0.56m)
Current: None noticed at Jew Shoal
Launch point: Middle Groyne
Surface action: None seen
Participants: rylin, scottyD, jamieD, stormin, doc dog, irish_luck, diesel, pedro, eyetag, sunshiner
My trip distance: 15km
Redmap: No sightings
Keen Angler Program: Two snapper frames donated by me. Others may also have donated.

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Pretty boisterous launch this morning, with the tide fairly low and a decent shorebreak forming from the easterly swell. All ten starters got out OK, but I witnessed scottyD catch a bit of air, three times, on the way out.

Pedro and eyetag fancied their chances at Sunshine Reef and were first away really early. The rest of us were all bound for Jew Shoal by the time the sun peeped over the horizon. Here doc dog, diesel, irish and I were drift fishing for snapper while stormin, jamieD, scottyD and rylin were criss-crossing and circumnavigating the shoal towing baits and hardbodies.

Today I was trying out a new (for me) style of SP and will report back after a couple of trips if I think it's more successful than others. So far, it's looking good, even though it may be a little more expensive. So, second cast for me today, within five minutes of starting, I felt the unmistakeable bump of a snapper enquiry "on the drop". No hook up, however. Later, I got three snapper hookups, all in the same area which I chose because I could see baitfish down deep on the sonar, a rare event at Jew Shoal today. My take-home snapper score for the season has advanced to 13 today, most of them sized in the forties, with only one, I think, over 60. The biggies are yet to hit town (maybe late Nov, for a month or so).

The catch of the day, as far as I'm aware, was rylin's first cobia, taken on a trolled slimy mackerel, on his first trip out with Noosa Yakkers.

He was very pleased, justifiably so. Another member of the cobia club.

Pedro and eyetag were having some success bottom bashing out at Sunshine Reef, but I had only scant info by radio by the time I got back to the beach (they were still out there). Please fill us in on the details, guys.

This was my best snapper for the day. Not big, but satisfactory, and it did completely destroy my new SP.

The sand monster was certainly present today as we returned. To make the beach returns just a little more exciting and difficult, there were throngs of holidaymakers frolicking in the waves on both the east and west sides of the groyne. Please keep in mind, especially for the upcoming holiday season, that our launch point is entirely within a designated Bathing Reserve and so is affected by some special rules. One of these is that sharp objects (think unshrouded fish hooks) are generally not permitted in the surf. One obvious danger is that a hook or gaff on a yak might lodge in a swimmer if a yak turns feral in the surf. Please stow and make safe all sharp objects before running the surf zone and also try to choose a clear path which will not endanger bathers, most of whom have no idea how out-of-control and unstoppable a kayak can become in the surf zone.

Well done rylin. Thanks, guys, for coming along today.

Short Waterwolf video, contributed by JamieD on 06Oct15. Shows the resident kingies near The Pinnacles.

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  1. Nice work on the Cobia Rylin and great write up again Kev.

  2. Eyetag and I fished with bait, livebait out most of the day and butterfly jigs, we fished a dozen different spots with the inclose spots producing two grassies 35cm and 40cm for me and four grassies (same size) and a squire for Eyetag.