Another day, another snapper. 06Sep15

TR by sunshiner

Wind: 2 knot SW at first, dropping off to near calm later
Swell: 1.5m SE
Water temp: 21.1°C
Tides: 1:56 am : 1.16 H; 8:08 am : 0.42 L
Current: non detected
Launch point: Middle Groyne
Surface action: none reported
Participants: allan o'leary, eyetag, diesel, jaro, sunshiner
My trip distance: 10.1km
Keen Angler Program: One snapper frame donated today

As usual, eyetag had launched earlier than the rest of us, and we late starters launched at least 30 minutes before sunrise. For the info of those who may be interested there is still ample light at that time to dodge waves, even if we had to, which we didn't today.

By the time we checked in with eyetag by radio, he confirmed that he was past the river mouth, heading north, intent on nailing the longtails his spies had told him were hugging the north shore. Diesel had originally decided to head for A-Bay Reef, but part way there had changed his mind and paddled for Jew Shoal, which is where the rest of us went.

Jaro was the first to hit paydirt. Part way to the shoal he had his HLP nailed by a pretty big mac tuna which he released because it was about 1cm shorter than my new Noosa Yakkers record mac tuna from last Wednesday. My first SP cast of the day went out at 06:17, just near The Pinnacles, with a slow wind drift taking me toward the NE.

Of those at Jew Shoal, diesel eventually became the first to get on the board with a just size snapper. As I found out later, Alan would have been on the board too, but he needs to memorize the legal length for grass sweetlip (30cm) as he released a 36cm specimen. Probably that mistake won't occur again.

Around 8:00am I had a good hit from what was obviously a snapper and boated a 48cm keeper which I initially called for around 50-52cm. I used to have a pretty good eye for judging fish lengths but seem to be losing that particular skill, possibly along with others of which I'm yet unaware. Anyway, 48cm is pretty good, especially when no one else was catching anything much.

My only worthwhile fish of the day.

Diesel left around 9:00am, I think, then Jaro about 09:30. At about this time I received a radio report from eyetag back at Middle Groyne telling us that he'd paddled 19.6km and boated only two grinners and a minuscule, but noteworthy spotty mac. Well, he did say earlier he needed the exercise.

By 10:00am I'd had enough and headed for home, closely followed by Alan.

Lovely conditions, but the fishing's still slow.

Anyone going tomorrow?

Kev Long
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