Several species at Jew Shoal, 31 July 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 31 July 2015
Participants: Diesel, Stormin, Sunshiner, Doctor Dog, Tunny and Alan O'Leary
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind variable less than 10 knots, Current towards the East, Swell 1 m, High Tide 7.34 am
Keen Angler Program: Nothing to donate

Most of us arrived at 5.20 am and were ready to launch by 5.45 am with Stormin and Doctor Dog following a bit later.  The launch was easy and after setting up our trolling lures we headed for Jew Shoal

Sunrise over Jew Shoal
There were a few birds heading out to sea, but no surface action or fish caught on the way out there.  On arrival at Jew Shoal we switched to bottom bashing using a mix of soft plastics and bait.  Several patches of bait fish were identified on the sounders and within the first half hour Diesel radioed to announce he had caught the first of his many undersized fish, a Yakka which he decided to keep for bait.  This was followed by a 15 cm Maori Cod, and a small Snapper which he photographed before releasing.

Diesel's Snapper
Several other small fish were then boated, including a Maori Cod of 25 cm by Sunshiner and two Happy Moments, one by Diesel and one by Tunny.  Having learnt the hard way about these fish while on a camping trip at Straddie I was careful to release mine with long nose pliers.

Diesel's Happy Moments
Tunny's Happy Moments caught on a trailing soft plastic
Stormin reported further undersized catches while Alan boated and released a Snapper under 30 cm. Doctor Dog caught a School Mackerel on a trolling pilchard but keeping with the theme of the day this was also under size.  Other fish caught included Sweetlip, Grinners, Black Tip (footballer) Cod, Bream and a 38 cm Red Emperor which was caught and released by Diesel (size limit 55 cm).

38 cm Red Emperor caught by Diesel
Sunshiner packed up before 9am.  This was his last fishing trip in his "60's", so on behalf of the Noosa Yakkers I would like to wish Sunshiner a Happy 70th on Monday!   

Doctor Dog followed shortly after that and the rest headed in by 11 am.  It was a fun day out despite the lack of keepers.

Stormin, Diesel and Alan showing off today's catch

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  1. Love that last pic. Thanks for the TR, always a great record for the future.