Sweeties at Jew Shoal 11Aug2014

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 11 Aug 2014
Participants: Pedro, Diesel, Mahatma, Stormin, Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Destination:  Jew Shoal
Conditions: 5-8 knots, 1 metre swell, slight NE current
Keen Angler Program: none

Having fished the Noosa River the previous night I opted for a launch at the leisurely hour of 6am.  As I arrived at 5.30 to unload, Diesel was heading down to the beach.  He informed me that Pedro had already headed out.  Mahatma then arrived, followed by Stormin with his brand new Stealth Profisha 475 which he had tested in the river but yet to take in the sea.  The launch was not difficult, and we headed for Jew Shoal.  I trolled a large pilchard while Mahatma and Stormin opted for hard bodied lures.  There was no surface action and no interest in any of the baits or lures.  The only marine life visible was a huge number of jellyfish which at times we could feel hitting the bottom of the kayaks.  I stopped briefly to take an underwater photo of the Jellyfish before continuing to Jew Shoal.

Only signs of life for most participants - Jellyfish at Jew Shoal
As we approached Jew Shoal Pedro radioed to say that he had caught a sweetlip while Diesel had a bream.  I did a few circuits with the pilchard in tow, then switched to jigging soft plastics without success.  Mahatma caught some undersize reef fish which he released while Pedro’s persistence was rewarded with a second Sweetlip estimated at 40cm.

Overall a fun day out – now we just need the wind to die down for the next trip!

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