Laguna Bay trip. 23Mar14

TR by Tunny
Wind: S less than 5 knots
Swell: 1.5m E
Launch Point: MG
Participants: Corie, Redgreg, Scater, Soren, Stew, Stormin, Tunny

The launch needed reasonably good timing with closely spaced waves breaking just behind the end of the rock wall. Corie was the first out at around 5am with the rest following over the next 20 minutes without any problems. We headed to Jew Shoal trolling pilchards and hard bodied lures, while Stormin trolled a slimy with a squid skirt. With so many of the Yakkers call signs starting in “S” I thought Spaniards would be a certainty. But there were virtually no signs of birds diving or fish bust-ups. Stormin saw a couple of Longtail jump out the water just out of casting range. At Jew Shoal Stew switched to jigging a soft plastic and caught a keeper snapper (40 cm). With no further action Stormin and RegGreg decided to head for Little Halls. I followed shortly after, with my skirted pilchard in tow. About 500m from Jew Shoal I hooked and released an undersized spottie mackerel (56cm). Now that I knew there were fish in the area I did a few more circuits using the same rig, but had no further bites so headed off to Little Halls to catch up with Redgreg and Stormin. Stormin landed and released three small snapper, all under 30 cm while RedGreg caught some small slimys for live bait. I headed back to MG at around 9.30 am, leaving Stormin and Redgreg at Little Halls.

I miss-timed the return at MG and got broadsided by the Sand Monster. No harm done – just got wet and dented my pride!!


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