'Eye'ronic Tailor Record - 26Oct13

TR by Tunny  

Participants: Redwood, Eyetag, Mike and Freyr visiting from South Africa, Tunny
Launch Site:  Lions Park
Destination:  Noosa River
Conditions:  Wind South less than 5 Knots, outgoing tide (close to low)

Redwood and I arrived at 5am to find our very keen South African visitors Mike and Freyr unloaded and ready to launch.  They headed off towards the Woods and we headed off in the same direction a few minutes later.  Redwood and I were both trolling hard bodied lures, and as we headed towards Ricky’s we met Eyetag who had just landed a nice Mangrove Jack.  We stopped for a brief discussion on tackle and Eyetag suggested I replace my small Rapala with a Gold Bomber.  He very kindly offered me one of his.  I initially hesitated but with Eyetag’s success and experience in the river I knew I should accept the offer.  So I replaced the Rapala with the Gold Bomber and headed to Ricky’s, went out past the sand bags then returned to Woods Bay.  At around 6.30 the Bomber was hit hard and line peeled rapidly off the Shimano 2000 reel.  I radioed Redwood and he headed over to where I was fishing.  As the fish came to the surface I could see it was a good size Tailor.  It had a few good runs before finally ending in the net.

Tunny with the Tailor in the bag

Tunny, the Tailor and the 'Eyetag' lucky gold bomber

Mike and Freyr were pleased to see a fish they recognised.  Tailor are known as Shad in South Africa, and also move along the East Coast during June – October.  By 8am both Redwood and I needed to head off home.  Just before leaving, Mike hooked up on what we suspect was a Tailor using a fly rod but unfortunately he lost the fish.  

Mike and Freyr enjoying the beautiful Noosa morning at Woods Bay

They were keen to continue fishing as Redwood and I paddled back.  Just before arriving at Lions Park the Gold Bomber was taken by something a lot bigger than the Tailor.  As I was using 6lb line I had to keep the drag loose.  The fish headed across the channel as a boat was approaching and to avoid the line getting near their motor I tightened the drag, the line snapped and Eyetag’s Gold Bomber was gone.  So on my was home I stopped at Davo’s to buy him a replacement Bomber, and also bought a measuring mat.  I had my Tailor measured at Davos – came in at 68 cm.  This is well ahead of the “New Record” on the NY list, and with the aid of a magnifying glass, marginally ahead of Eyetag’s old Tailor record.  The guys at Davo’s reckon the fish had been attached by a shark – look at the photo of the tail which is shredded and also the marks across the body behind the dorsal fin.

So a big thanks to Eyetag for the Gold Bomber -  and I do have a new one for next time I see you.

Record Tailor at 68cm
Overall a fun trip.

While driving home I got a call from Mike who had just landed a Hairtail, the biggest fish of his Australian trip so far.

Mike and Freyr

Mike using a fly outfit to catch Tailor and Hairtail. Obviously a very experienced fly fisherman as he managed to get incredible casting distance from a yak

Mike onto his Hairtail

Mike advises that Hairtail make excellent bait for Spanish Mackerel

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