Summary October 2017

Facebook provides an excellent and simple facility for conducting group discussions in text form, including unbeatable support for adding still pictures, movies and "shares". As a result, with our Facebook Group we have brilliant media-rich communication within Noosa Yakkers, with lots of info and useful material appearing quickly on our Group because it's so easy to post, to view and to make comments. Not on Facebook? I encourage you to dip your paddle in the Facebook sea and give it a try. If the oldest members of Noosa Yakkers can do it probably you can. Not convinced? Don't despair. We have no intention of dropping our tried and true Google Group email or our indispensable blog of Trip Reports and generally useful yak fishing info. But if you're not on Facebook, you're missing out on useful information.

To help retain contact with our established world wide blog audience we've decided to publish this monthly summary of our fishing activity. The info has been extracted from our closed (private) Facebook Group. The included link to each Facebook post will work only for members of the Noosa Yakkers Facebook Group. Constructive ideas to improve this summary and/or volunteered editorial skills are welcomed.

Don't want your Facebook post reproduced here? Please contact a committee member.

This monthly brief summary of fishing trip information within the Noosa Yakkers area is only a fraction of the useful and interesting info and banter appearing on our Facebook Group. You can see our public Page here:
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Overview, weather and species

Noosa sea temperature 01Oct17 23.3°C/74°F and at 31Oct17 25°C/77°F

Fish species mentioned or featured in Noosa Yakkers' reports this month in Noosa area: grass sweetlip, snapper, cobia, mangrove jack, trevally, tailor, flathead, slatey bream, Maori cod, bass, tilapia, fingermark

Weather: Huge amounts of rain early- and mid-month caused the Noosa River to run fresh and high, eventually resulting in a plume of murky water exiting into Laguna Bay, and a reduction in offshore fishing expeditions later in October.



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animal and others:


doctor dog:

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sunshiner and others:

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Video by sunshiner from that day

teematt and other:

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diesel and others

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and drone video by Phil, sprocket's son






animal and son


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the hoff

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The sea's now cleaning up and heating up. Let's see if the first Spanish or spotted macs for the season turn up in November.

Kev Long [sunshiner]

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