Summary April 2016

Facebook provides an excellent and simple facility for conducting group discussions in text form, including support for still pictures and movies. As a result, with our Facebook Group page we have better media-rich communication within Noosa Yakkers than ever before, with lots of info and useful material appearing on our Group page because it's so easy to post. Not on Facebook? Don't despair. We have no intention of dropping our tried and true Google Group email or our indispensable blog of Trip Reports and general useful yak fishing info. I'd just encourage you to dip your paddle in the Facebook sea and give it a try. If the oldest members of Noosa Yakkers can do it probably you can.

We're concerned that Trip Report info which is appearing on our Facebook page but not on our Trip Report blog is not getting out to the non-FB element of our community, especially prospective new members.

To bridge that gap here's one approach: a monthly summary, published on the blog. Any constructive ideas to improve this summary and/or volunteered editorial skills are welcomed.

Summary April 2016

This post on our Trip Reports blog is a monthly brief summary of fishing trip information which has been posted on our Facebook Group page or elsewhere and not posted on this blog. Noosa Yakkers Facebook Group

In some cases the direct link to the individual Facebook post has been included.

Water temp at end of month: 23.9°C (last month: 27.2°C)

Weather conditions: Quite a lot of good weather days in the early part of the month, but conditions deteriorated from about 21Apr onward.


Stu at Caloundra nailed a longtail, a big mac tuna and this outstanding queenfish.

The Middle Groyne crowd got amongst them, too.

Corie M-t: I got 4 longtails and a shark a little under 5ft all caught between the river mouth and little halls and about 1km from shore. Lost something that took over 100m of line within seconds. Great day back on the beach around 8.30 with 3 tuna on ice.

Tunny: Eyetag, Corie and I hit Little Halls while Bomber, Jimbo and Microbe opted for Jew Shoal. Microbe got a nice Sweetlip (see earlier post), but the rest of the action was North shore/Little Halls. Corie got 3 Longtails, Eyetag either 3 or 4 (not sure), and I got 2. Jimbo, Eyetag, Corie and I all also got Mac tuna. It seems like the whole coastal strip is full of tuna at the moment as my wife was on a Stand Up Paddleboard off Mudjimba and had to dodge the jumping longtails


Participants: redwood, weeksie, diesel, stormin, thorney, sunshiner, jasper endersby (launched from Teewah beach).

Stormin: 2 longtail for me this morning. One on white soft plastic and one on white lure (rapalla slashbait) others still out there chasing bustups.

Stormin's pair

Kevin Long: Donut for me and it seemed the fish were scarce although I did get a dropped hit on a HLP in Qantas colours. I left the area (6-7 km north of Middle Groyne) early to avoid the forecast southerly which came in pretty much as predicted. Well done stormin. Pics?

Jasper Endersby: Nice work, I only got 1

Norman Dalangin Good on u Jasper Endersby but where are you this morning?

Jasper Endersby Launched from infront of Teewah and headed towards stingers Norman Dalangin

Thorney: Went out to little halls this morning, started off a lot quieter than yesterday with far less bust ups, but as the morning went on bust ups started becoming more and more frequent especially around 9am. Trolled all morning with hard plastics, ended up getting 2 long tail on the same white n gold bomber.

Thorney's pair

Redwood's pics



Diesel: Gregory Williams. I had a great day with a pod of dolphins surf my bow wave most of the way to the shoal. 14 fish onboard and all thrown back ,undersized and undesirable in some cases. The plus is that most of them were Snapper so the future still looks bright. I know it's boring but maybe next time.

Weeksie: Paul Weeks. Hey Tim . Thanks for sharing the pics. They were hard work initially, before LT missiles started launching around me at Little Hall's
You're a poet & didn't know it


See TR on this blog

Sat 09Apr16

Two locations: Laguna Bay and Moffat's Beach, Caloundra


Not much to report guys but tuna is out there. I trolled slimy for awhile at JS without a touch. Swap to hardbody lure and had a couple of bump. Birds working here and there definitely longtail but not in numbers. Mattbee lost a longtail yak side when heading in from JS. Decided to have a look at LH about a kilometer to destination when noticed there's no action on my rod. I lost a lure didn't even feel the hit. More birds activities further north but not much left in the tank to keep going besides everybody is back on the beach (microbe, mattbee and my mate Chris). If I'm going tomorrow to chase tuna Halls would be my choice.

Norman (stormin)

Lazybugger: Picked up a longtail and Spaniard at Moffats this morning. Spaniard on a slimey, 125cm and 10.5kg.Longtail 110cm, 11.5kg, over an hour and half battle, towed for well over a km past the blinker and broke a rod tip at the death. On a 3 inch zman out the back. Also got spooled to the knot at the beginning.


Laguna Bay
See TR on this blog.


And at south Noosa…
Mark W showed us this specimen taken on a drifted white SP.

Mark W and another longtail

Laguna Bay
Peter Hassett: Well it wasn't the best start to the morning as I left my radio at home, it was too far to go back and get it. Anyway met up with Jim at 5:30 and we headed off to little halls without much sign of birds or they were miles away. I decided to head in towards the shore and found a small school working a bait ball just as I was about 10m from it. my trawling soft plastic went off 20min later and a sore back I had it in the yak (why do they come so bloody close when you hook up, so frustrating) so sent the lure back out and hooked up again not long after. I was on my way back and hooked up again about 1 km from the launch site. This one was casting soft plastic into a small school that was working. This fish was returned. Sorry the reports so long


Snapper (for a change of pace)

Laguna Bay.
See TR on this blog, includes movie.

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19Apr16 (approximate, date not specified, no description provided)

Shorty seems to have bagged a longtail on the annual BigKev Fraser Island trip.


Laguna Bay

Tunny: Fishing at Jew Shoal today. Great sunrise but not fish!

Kevin Long (sunshiner): Participants: diesel, tunny, jimbo, hassle, scottyB, bomber, sunshiner. MetEye forecast was pretty accurate but the wind strengthened sooner than predicted. I was 4km north of MG, the wind was from the SSE, so I pulled the pin early, being wary of an even stronger southerly. Even so, it took me an hour before I was safely on the beach. Nice to meet Peter Hassett (new nickname "hassle") for the first time. Thanks for coming along guys.


Caloundra area

Mark W posted again

Around 15 kilos of muscle - I mean the tuna!
Caught on a drifted small whitish paddle tail plastic in an area where there had been a few bustups.
Put up one heck of a fight.
Towed me around for way too long.


BigKev and several other Noosa Yakkers fished Fraser Island with amazing results: (Probably only Yak Shed members can access this.).

Kev Long
Author Kayak Fishing Manual for iPhone, iPad and Mac (click linked text to view)
Stealth Supalite X, yellow/orange
FREE iBook "Kayak Fishing Laguna Bay & Jew Shoal" for iPhone, iPad and Mac

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