Sweetlip, Tuna, Shimano T-Curve: 23 April 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 23 April 2015
Participants: Diesel, Sunshiner, Tunny, joined later by Schiffer
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind SSW 5-8 knots, Swell 1.2 m
Keen Angler Program: Nothing donated

Diesel, Sunshiner and I headed out at 5.30 am.  The previous day I had walked through the National Park and spotted some bust-ups East and North of Hells Gates.  So I decided to follow the coastline to Hells Gates while Sunshiner and Diesel headed for Jew Shoal.

Sunrise (photo by Sunshiner)
I trolled a Halco 120 (the lucky one that gave me the Spaniard on Sunday).  On arrival at Hells Gates there were no signs of any bird action or bust-ups so I headed North to Jew Shoal where Sunshiner and Diesel were busy bottom bashing, Sunshiner with soft plastics and Diesel with bait. Diesel was the first to catch a fish, a nice Sweetlip followed by smaller ones which he released.

There were sporadic patches of diving birds and fish busting the surface so I opted to chase these.  I went from bust-up to bust-up but never got close enough to cast my Halco Twisty.  Eventually about 1.3 km East of Jew Shoal I caught up with tuna busting up.  I casted the Halco Twisty several times to no avail. As the tuna started moving away I put out a soft plastic and trolled after them. The reel started screaming and I grabbed the rod.  A minute later I heard what sounded like small gunfire as my rod parted mid-way and I was left with the butt plus about 3 feet of rod.  This was the only expensive rod I had ever bought for kayak fishing, a Shimano T-Curve (and will be my last).  The remainder of the rod slid down the line to the tuna. The fish had several strong runs, which seemed even stronger when using half a rod.  Eventually the strong runs turned into the circular motion tuna typically do in the latter stages of the battle and a while later I had the fish alongside the kayak, gaffed it and placed it in the hatch.  A nice Longtail measuring 92 cm.

Longtail into the hatch

Photo by Sunshiner
We continued fishing for another hour, both bottom bashing and chasing the occasional bust-ups before heading back to MG.  On arrival at MG we were welcomed by Michael Schiffermuller (call sign Schiffer) who had started a little later than us and had a trip out past the Headland.  Although Schiffer did not catch a fish, he looks pretty well prepared in his Stealth Profisha and is keen to get out again soon..

Schiffer with his Profisher
Fish caught by Diesel and Tunny

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