A quickie 05Nov14

TR by DeeCee
Trip date: 5th November 2014
Participants: DeeCee
Launch Site:  Spot X, Yandina
Destination:  Where the fish are
Conditions: Light breeze dying off to slight breeze
Keen Angler Program: none

Decided on a quick yak n flick after work today and was on the water by 5.00pm.  Paddled down the creek on my way to Spot X and picked up a nice mid 30cm Bass on a shallow diving HB

Fish was released after a quick pic and I continued down the creek about another 50m before changing my HB over for a SP for a flick and No.2 was on, a nice little fighter, a quick pic and back he went

 Worked my upwind and drifted back down the creek a couple of times flicking the SP as I went and soon No.3 was on, another nice mid 30cm Bass, this one was  a little fatty and put up a great fight on the 1-3kg rod. 

Nearly time to go, so paddled upwind with the idea of flicking my way down river back to the launch spot.  I swapped to a deep diving HB for the drift and about halfway back I flicked into a known snag and BANG, on again.  This one really went to town and at one stage had me paddling around in circles trying to get it free of the snag.  After a good even contest I finally got the better of the fish and he was landed...A little beauty!

Not bad for an hours work...


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