A Couple of Keepers - 16Oct14

TR by Jimbo
Launch Point: Middle Groyne.
Conditions: Clear, sunny but cool early.
Wind: Cool westerly 5-8 knots initially, decreasing, then 5-8 knot southerly from 0845
Swell: 0.5 m
Current: None detected at Jew Sh
Participants: Pedro, Jimbo

Just a brief report, mainly for reconnaissance purposes for any NY considering going out tomorrow.

I realized Pedro was already out in the bay somewhere as his van was in his (Sunshiner's ??) normal spot in the car park when I arrived at 0450. Launch conditions were very easy with an almost non-existent easterly swell and just the odd wave breaking at the end of the groyne.

Conditions were ideal and so I started heading towards A-Bay, not having been there for some time. However, knowing Pedro probably launched at "0-Dark Hundred" and might already be there, I called him on the radio to determine his location and any success. Pedro reported that he was in fact at A-Bay Reef and had not registered a touch up until that time. At Dolphin Point I therefore changed course and headed for Jew Shoal.

Once at JS I went to my "far western mark" and set up a drift towards the Pinnacles, about 350m distant. I had only drifted about 100m when I had a good strike on my squid bait. I was fairly certain this was a snapper, and this was confirmed when I could just see the silver/pink flashes below me ... just before the hook pulled ... Bugger!! I re-baited the jighead and reset the drift to traverse the same spot. On the third pass I hooked up again and this time landed a nice ~40cm snapper. This was most welcome on two counts (a) this was the first fish I have caught for many months (apart from being overseas on holidays for five weeks in Aug-Sept), and (b), it suggested that maybe some snapper and sweetlip had at last come into the inner reefs accessible to NY, albeit fairly late in the normal winter season for bottom fishing.

I radioed my success to Pedro, and not to be outdone, Pedro reported he had also boated two sweetlip, a flathead and had thrown back a small snapper. We both agreed conditions were quite pleasant and we would continue on for a bit longer at our respective locations.

I repeated the W->E drift 3-4 times but had to change to a S->N drift towards the Pinnacles when the wind suddenly swung round to the south at 0845. However, other than a couple of reefies and three grinners, I did not land any more keepers.

By about 0945 I had run out of my squid bait, and with the southerly wind making conditions a bit lumpy, I decided to head in. At this time Pedro reported he had added (I think) another flathead and a large squid to his tally and would fish on for maybe another half hour.

The paddle back to MG was uneventful but pleasant, and the beach return still easy, it now being three hours after low tide. Maybe Pedro might add any other info to this report.


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  1. I launched about 3.40am and tried to jig live bait at Hells Gates, no luck this time, previous trip I did well on small live pike (couple of grassies) Fished A Bay drifting SE with west wind and current from the north.
    Caught a few yakkers and had one on my trailing line all day for one large squid. No surface activity to report.
    Slow trolled live yakker and lure back, no hits.
    Pleasent day.